Our facilities

As one of the largest private hospitals in the UK, London Bridge Hospital provides the highest standard of clinical expertise and nursing care. We use the latest technology, clinical and nursing expertise and advanced hospital facilities.

We provide rapid assessment, intervention and treatment for numerous common and complex conditions. Patients receive customised, individual care which has made London Bridge Hospital the hospital of choice for GPs, Consultants and patients.

Why refer to us?

Recognised medical expertise Advanced treatment services High quality private care
Leading specialists from top teaching hospitals Management of chronic and acute problems Extremely low infection rate
Rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment Pioneering clinical services International patient care
World-class specialist medical centres State-of-the-art medical technology Privacy, dignity and respect

Our services

Our specialist Sleep Centre comprises a team of neurologists and sleep physiologists, experienced in diagnosing and treating sleep disturbances including sleep apnoea, snoring, nocturnal epilepsy, insomnia, narcolepsy and parsomnias. Tests available include:

  • CPAP titration tests
  • Multiple sleep latency tests
  • Overnight oximetry
  • Polysomnography

The Sleep Centre at London Bridge Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic sleep tests and subsequent treatments.

Our team

We have a growing and dedicated team specialising in sleep disorders at London Bridge Hospital’s Sleep Centre, with great support from our senior physiologist. Find out more about our team here.