Common symptoms

Below is a list of common symptoms of a sleep disorder in adults:

Common symptoms
Difficulty staying awake while sitting quietly such as watching television, reading a book, etc Unwanted sleep behaviours such as sleep walking, sleep talking, bruxism (teeth grinding), bed wetting, etc
Feeling sleepy or irritable during the day The need for caffeinated beverages or energy drinks to get you through the day
Falling asleep at inappropriate times such as while driving or in a meeting Anxiety about sleep
Difficulty concentrating at work, school, or home Excessive daytime sleepiness or fatigue
Impaired daytime mental alertness and/or memory problems Excessive snoring and dryness of the throat
Slow reactions Difficulty waking up in the morning
Emotional outbursts Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or poor quality sleep
A feeling that you need to nap everyday Witnessed apnoea episodes