Your Visit

What to expect if you are an outpatient

If you are referred to the Sleep Centre by your GP you will undergo an initial consultation with our Consultant Neurologist/Sleep Specialist Dr Guy Leschziner. Dr Leschziner will take a full medical history and will suggest any further investigations that may be needed.

Depending on the clinical history, we may ask you to undergo further investigations such as oximetry or inpatient overnight sleep studies or video telemetry. You may also be recommended for other diagnostic tests outside of the Sleep Centre that can also be done at London Bridge Hospital.

Following completion of all diagnostic tests you will return for follow up with Dr Leschziner to discuss the outcomes and make a treatment plan.

Some specialist Consultants such as Cardiologists, Respiratory Consultants, Neurologists or ENT Consultants may refer you directly to the Sleep Centre for diagnostic tests; the results of these tests will be reported before being sent back to your referring Consultant.

What to expect if you are undergoing an inpatient sleep study

If your Consultant recommends an inpatient overnight assessment you will be contacted by the Sleep Centre to arrange a suitable admission date. The full details of the specific test you will be undergoing will be explained and any questions you may have can be answered.

On the night of the study you will arrive at the main reception of London Bridge Hospital at the agreed time and a porter will show you to your private room with en suite facilities. A physiologist will connect all your monitors and your study will be monitored throughout the night to ensure high quality signals are maintained at all times.